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Technology in Nigeria is on the forward match. Trust me, it is. Big Tech companies frantic on the mission to invest in Africa, cultivate and harvest great tech minds that will go ahead to solve global problems. There are many problems in Africa, hence, there are many opportunities. Only Africans who have a deep understanding of the African problems and are equipped with the right resources can solve those problems.

One of such problems is that education is still far-fetched in Africa. You might think almost every kid is enrolled in one school or the other. This is far from the truth. There are millions of underprivileged kids out there, who wake up in the morning, not thinking of "have I completed my assignments." These kids are actually thinking of which area they would be asking alms, for the day. This is the reality in Africa.

Good enough, I'm not alone with this mentality. I'm sure you probably relate to what I'm saying. While we are worried about it (which is good), some kids of 11 years old are actually doing something about it.

Before we forget, Nigeria has the largest number of out of school children in the world

A group of 10 and 11 years old kids from a school in Lagos have built an app, called "Hands out." This app was developed in response to the Technovation Girls Challenge. The team of girls, called Brain Squad are real brainiacs (I know one when I see one).

What does the app do?

With this app, "well-meaning people all over the world can donate easily, to help children and their families pay for school fees, shoes, books, stationery, medication and more"

All that you need to do is to vote. The underprivileged people are simply unfortunate to be in their situation, but we the fortunate ones can help them alleviate their pain. This time, you can do it through a vote.

This is more than Brain Squad winning at the world stage, it's about making Africa a better place to live for Africans. The idea is a great one, which has seen the team of young girls through the different stages unto the final stage. Right from the local level here in Nigeria, to the regional level in Africa till they came into the top 10 at the final stage. You should know that the competition started with 2000 teams. The final stage in Silicon Valley is what they need your vote for, in the People's Choice Award.

Education is not totally spread across Africa. More Africans are still in penury and can't afford it. But we know it is critical to our development as a continent. One child schooled is probably one programmer trained, one actor trained, one governor schooled. Getting to present them with an opportunity is our collective aim.

Africa is still educationally behind. This is a problem in Africa. These kids have done something about it (building the app). I have done something about it (editorial and voting). You too should do something about it (Vote). Cast your vote here.

Note: Voting ends by 1am, Thursday, 15th August 2019. Vote and Share now.

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