Hobbs and Shaw was a total bomb! | My anomalous review!

Everything happened so fast that if you are not careful, you might not really understand what's going on in the movie. I'm pretty sure that most people with me in that theatre would find it hard to give a narrative of the movie. By the way, if you don't want spoilers, I can't assure you that this post wouldn't be one, and ain't saying I'm spoiling your anticipation too. Either way, you will still enjoy the movie when you see it.
Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson) and Shaw (Jason Statham) in 'Hobbs & Shaw'.
These are your heroes - they saved you from that Virus
Cinematography? Damn! Hobbs and Shaw was the bomb. The picture quality was too top-notch, that you can see every part of their body moving. This was so perfect that you would think everything in the movie happened in real time. When there are a lot of tricks and augmentations going on in a movie, it might get somewhat dark or too fast, to take it off your notice. H and S just debunked that. It looked too clear, which made it feel real.

The sound effect and quality were also amazing, every beat, every clink of sound was out through the speaker, even when Shaw hit those guys with a tray, the sounds were live. This made the experience one of a kind.

Down to the story, Hobbs and Shaw were called from different locations, to help the CIA get a hold of a virus that could annihilate the whole of humanity. Well, these two guys don't get along, and they sure can engage in a lot of banter when they are together. This was explicitly depicted in the movie - if not too much ("Just get on with the action" you would yell in your mind). They got along and got it solved (we knew they would, just show us, how?)

There were so many impossible tricks that seem too.....well, it's a cinematic world, they have to give us something to keep us glued to our seats. Imagine Hobbs (Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson) pulling a helicopter with a chain in his hands. That's mad if you ask me. Cars flying and racing through skyscrapers, bikes running against a wall (like WTF!). I get it, we have to see something new and I think it was worth the watch.

One cool Tech I wish I could get from that movie was the bike of Idris Elba (the villain - enhanced Brixton). I just want the bike that could change its form, come to me wherever I was and make me fight in the war of cars.

When it comes to gears, this movie is got it all. Guns that go online and offline? Great!

One thing I really appreciate from the movie is the stress on the importance of family and how it is pertinent to keep in touch, no matter how far. Also, the humor was lit. It was the perfect blend, and that is what The Rock is known for. Mix the action with so much humor that you forget you were there to see him save the world ("four times now!").
Once again, Hobbs (left) and Shaw (right).
Let me know your fave scene of these two when you see the movie
Special appearance of Kevin Hart was another high point of the movie. He just popped out of nowhere, and I was like... I thought this guy was working on making his new movies "Fatherhood?" But he was there! Roman Reigns flexing some WWE moves was also lit. All those smackdowns live on sandy soil.

So many unreal stuff there, folks, but that's the world we are in now, we can only imagine the tech and innovations of the future, these movies could be an insight.

I always love post-credits. I don't know why people leave before post-credits. But I stayed, just as Spiderman's post-credit was a stunner, this also was. Not like Spidy's P-C that revealed his name, this was a pack of humorous conversations. Hobbs and that CIA guy (Can't remember his name right now), exchanging out of the blue words on how the ending of Game of Thrones was not as it was expected. Talk about Jon Snow having sex with Dany and then killing her, that was bullshit! Trust me, if not for anything, just cos of the post-credit, get the next ticket and see the movie. Good day!

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